Delta Country Jam Code of Conduct

Delta Country Jam Music Festival is a three day country music festival dedicated to great music, great food and great entertainment. DCJ is further dedicated to providing a safe, clean and family environment that everyone will enjoy!

We want everyone to have a great time; however, the following behavior could result in getting you ejected from the festival:

  • Excessive use of alcohol—Public drunkenness
  • Unacceptably rowdy/violent behavior, obscene language or other disruptive behavior that will detract from a family entertainment event.
  • Harassing, throwing objects or otherwise disrupting the entertainers.
  • Attempting to access restricted or reserved areas without the proper authorization.
  • Fighting or engaging in any violent or threatening behavior.
  • Use or possession of non-prescription or illegal drugs or substances.
  • Possession of firearms or other weapons on any part of festival grounds.
  • Vandalism or destruction of festival property.
  • Engaging in lewd public behavior.
  • Public urination (restrooms will be numerous and conveniently located on festival grounds.)
  • Other behavior deemed inappropriate for the event.
  • Attendee agrees that if DCJ organizer's, agents or employees, or local law enforcement, in their sole and absolute discretion, determine that attendee has or is engaging in inappropriate conduct, then attendee will voluntarily leave the festival upon request.